This is a great question and I’ve been wondering what motivates all of us to share in the ways that we do share.  Some pass along tech and research news (one of my favorites), some like to talk about life’s ups and downs with D, some like to poke fun at life with D, and on and on.  There’s so much to choose from … and we all read what resonates with us at any given time.

So why do I blog? Lots of reasons, in no particular order, except for #1:

  • I’ve lived so long with this disease (and all its ancillary components) … 51-1/2 years so far. And I’d like to think that I’ve survived a lot and therefore can help others to learn from my dramas and scr bombmistakes. Kind of like, “WATCH OUT! You might want to know about a better way!”



  • I get excited (more so in the past year than in almost all of my 50+ years) about the advances in treatments and technologies.  screen-been-jumping-for-joyOf course, no cure yet.  But many new developments really do make life easy, as long as we are stuck with D.




  • I like to help people cope.  scr helping hikeThere’s a whole lot of coping with this disease … every little bit of guidance might just help someone.





  • scr ohmHelping and talking with other T1s somehow helps to keep me calm and centered!



  • I learn from others. A lot!  scr ideaAnd I am always fascinated to hear others’ stories and adventures and tricks (hacks).




scr on pointeMostly, I seem to love to be involved.  D is 24/7 and there’s so much to take in.  Gotta keep on point and up-to-the-moment, as my mom used to say, well into her 80’s.


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