Do you invest in companies that make/sell diabetes-related products or provide diabetes-related services?

Yes, yes, I know. Of course, you spend your dollars on insulin, pumps, supplies, medications!  You pay for medical insurance premiums and copays!  You take many hours of your valuable time each week in managing your diabetes, making phone calls regarding insurance claims and refills, driving to the pharmacy and doctors!  3d small people with tablet pcAnd you idle away time on the internet or diabetes blogs to further your knowledge or ask questions.

But I mean, really, INVEST in these companies and services? 

So it just hit me the other day … why shouldn’t I make money on my disease like so many others are?! Of course, investing in the stock market is risky … but if the company hits it big, so do you and me!

As the worldwide diabetes market is growing at a record-breaking pace and the incidence of new cases of diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2), it doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that the companies that provide products and services stand to make lots of money for themselves and their investors. After all, it is well over a $50 billion industry worldwide!

Not all companies will succeed … but it’s certainly worth looking at.  It’s a market you know intimately and passionately.  Now, I am not a seasoned investor and I certainly wouldn’t make a move with consulting a financial expert. 

3D busy business manBut we all know the companies that are dominant in certain markets (insulin, pumps, cgm, infusion sets, meters, etc.).  So maybe, if you have a free moment, take a look at the quotes and charts for some of your “favorite” companies. Maybe something will catch your fancy!

DISCLAIMER:  I am not employed by any of these publicly held companies in the diabetes arena nor am I, in any way, certified to give financial advice or counsel. Below is a list of some of the publicly traded corporations involved in the diabetes world.  It is not an exhaustive list but a good starting place to just see how they are doing.  Any brokerage site (such as Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, etc.) offers free symbol/stock look-up.

Stock Symbol      Some diabetes-related companies                           

LLY                        Eli Lilly

NVO                      Novo Nordisk

SNYNF                  Sanofi

AZN                       AstraZeneca

MDT                     Medtronic

JNJ                        Animas

TNDM                  Tandem

PODD                   Insulet

RHHBY                 Roche Diagnostics

DXCM                   Dexcom

SNN                      Smith-Nephew

ABT                       Abbott Diabetes Care


Have fun researching and dreaming of being the next Apple computer bazillionaire!

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