I’m on the mend!  What a doozy of a surgery … spinal, anterior and posterior!  5 hours!!!  5 days in the hospital!  Wow!

So, first, let me thank everyone for all your good wishes.   With some luck, an amazing husband and supportive friends and loving puppies, I got home in one piece.

Before we checked in for surgery, Richard and I went through the Top Ten List from my book … and that was an enormous help!  Even the hospital staff commented on how well organized we were!

Have the hospitals cleaned up their act on caring for diabetics?  Well, you decide.  The VERY first event in pre op was the iv … and they hung a bag of antibiotics, IN DEXTROSE SOLUTION!!!  Richard went to work … HEY, HEY!!!  The nurse said that’s how it comes.  Richard said NO.  She checked with the pharmacy … and to be sure, they immediately sent up a medication in a saline solution.

Be ALERT!  Have your support team watch carefully!!!  Amazing … and they did it again in ICU!  Wow!

More later … succumbing to the silliness of pain meds!

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