2015-PV-winners-iconI’m just so excited!  I was chosen to be one of the 10 scholarship recipients of the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit, held annually at the Stanford University School of Medicine this coming fall! I will be acting as a “delegate” for the d-patient community, expressing our needs and desires to the Powers That Be: decision-makers in pharma, healthcare, technology design, medical device regulation, software and app development, national advocacy groups and more!

Never heard of the Innovation Summit?  It’s an amazing and unique gathering of diabetes gamechangers that began in 2007 as a patient-led initiative for improved design of diabetes products, and started with this open letter to Steve Jobs (An Open Letter to Steve Jobs).

I will be participating in the DiabetesMine Innovation Project, a multi-year patient-led initiative aiming to accelerate innovation to improve life with diabetes.

As one of the Patient Voices participant, I’ll be interviewed by Mike Hoskins and Amy Tenderich of DiabetesMine (where you can also see several Test Kitchen video product reviews that I’ve done for DiabetesMine).  More news to follow!!!

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