Here’s an update from Frank, one of my readers:

Liberty-Medical-LLC_88426_large“Liberty” phoned me Tuesday and said Medicare had OK’d the new billing codes and they could start filling claims. They emphasized that if Medicare denies the claim & any appeals, I will be responsible, which is okay with me since I’m currently paying cash anyway. This morning I got a email from Liberty saying that my G5 starter kit was shipped. The UPS tracking says I’ll receive it on the 16th.

Congratulations Frank and thank you, Liberty!  Looks like there is progress on the Medicare/CGM front.  Billing codes are in place.  Now, as soon as Medicare publishes their coverage criteria, we can all feel more confident that our Dexcom CGM supplies will indeed be covered by Medicare!  And I’m sure that is coming.

Maybe even Dexcom will allow us to order directly from them, unless this is a stipulation by Medicare.  And watch for the Medicare requirements for each order.  Still looks like you can’t only order sensors and not sure about the meter and strips they are sending along with each kit.

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