Man with emotions symbolsFirst the good news!  I GOT MY ORDER!!!  Indeed, ONE transmitter, ONE receiver (black as apparently once you are on Medicare, you go colorblind), 3 boxes of sensors!  It’s so beautiful I am leaving it in the box for a few more days, just to marvel at it.

NOW, THE BAD NEWS:  as reported by Nolan, referring to several TuDiabetes messages:

According to Jimbo31 and Jason99:

“I received a call this afternoon from the Dexcom Sales Executive Manager … Late Thursday, Liberty Medical informed Dexcom Management that they will no longer process orders for the G5 because of the complex Medicare requirements, and they were overwhelmed by the number of of medicare patients applying for the G5 CGM.

I informed the Dexcom Sales Manager that I wanted him to contact Liberty Medical on Monday to have them return ALL our paperwork that was submitted to them and return it to us so I can go out, and buy the G5 device on my own from another supplier since Dexcom will not sell them directly to patients. Dexcom will sell you a G4, but Medicare will NOT reimburse for that model. Dexcom is now scrambling and searching for new suppliers willing to take this task on, and has no idea how long it will take to get a new supplier(s) in place.

REALLY?!?!?!?  What next? Do we all start calling Dexcom?  Or Medicare/CMS?!

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