I have Type 1 diabetes. I love to write. I’m happy when I am helping others. I speak up when it’s important. I have a passion for sharing knowledge and learning new technology. I was BORN to BLOG!

I’ve met so many other T1Ds on this journey who are cool and love to help others. We put our heads and hearts together … to bring more resources and knowledge to our amazing diabetes community. We’re making improvements every day … come back often, let us know what you think. And my gratitude for my amazing webmaster, Dave (an honorary T1D)!

And thank you for stopping by!
— Joanne Laufer Milo, The Savvy Diabetic

20 Minutes Filling Insulin Reservoirs!

20 Minutes Filling Insulin Reservoirs!

What have you been doing for the past 20 minutes? I've filled 10 insulin cartridges and threw out a bag of empty insulin bottles, boxes, and plungers, and changed my insulin pump reservoir. I think I could have been doing something more fun with my time ... just the...

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