Really, must I ask?  The answer is YES!

Not naming names but while in the hospital, I needed some help getting dressed.  The first day, my panties arrived with the pantiliner with the soft side down and the sticky side up … that doesn’t work!  I made the correction and finished dressing.

The next day, the pantiliner was attached properly … to the outside of the panty.  Hmmm, that doesn’t work either!  So I corrected and finished dressing.

But it made me think.  I always assumed that pantiliners were intuitive and so easy to apply.  But that is my female point of view, having had years of experience since puberty.

Apparently, men do not have the same training or inherent knowledge … or just simply don’t pay that much attention, just get it over with!

So there you have it … if a man is helping you with a pantiliner, you may want to addition some gentle instruction and lots of praise!

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