AfrezzaI just started to experiment with the newest “insulin”, Afrezza, the inhalable insulin.  I’m not great at keeping accurate logs … but I can say that I see that Afrezza brings my blood sugars down faster than Humalog alone … and then it seems to level off!

Afrezza is inhaled insulin invented and developed by MannKind (Al Mann) Corporation, and now a Sanofi product (approved a little over a month ago).

So here is a post by an Afrezza user, Sam Finta.  He was in the early Affinity drug study and has been posting his experiences for 3 years:    There are graphics and logs.

Afrezza 2There is also a reference to the talk by Al Mann, at Johns Hopkins University in 2010 … very fascinating and worth watching.

And to learn a bit more about Al Mann:


Got questions about Afrezza? Ask me. Ask your endocrinologist. Ask Sam Finta.


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