Please meet Anne Marie Moran, an Alaskan (former Chicagoan) photographer, married to Tom, an ER nurse and a T1.  As Anne Marie says, “I believe photography is one of the most powerful mediums for storytelling and I dig deep to really get to know my subjects and honor their stories.”

Some beautiful and real comments by Anne Marie:

  • Life with Type 1 is a perpetual, exhausting tightrope act.
  • Tempering my anxiety over Tom’s disease while being a supportive (but not overbearing) partner is something I work at on a daily basis.
  • All this being said, to know Tom is to know the happiest guy on the planet. I marvel at his strength, his commitment to his health (particularly when it’s not easy, which is most of the time), his childlike joy for life. His absolute refusal to give in to bitterness. Every single day with Tom is filled with adventure and belly laughs. Yes, Type 1 is always there, looming, but never able to define him. He won’t let it.

“Documenting life with Type 1 has been cathartic for me, and I hope can bring some awareness (however small) to the plight of all Type 1 diabetics and their families. ”

Here are just a few of her amazing photographs.

For more:

A small tattoo on Tom’s right forearm with big meaning. It’s an homage to his lifeblood; C257H383N65O77S6 is the chemical formula for the synthetic insulin he has taken for the majority of his life.tom-moran-insulin-formula




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