From Shannon (Truman’s mom): It is with great sadness that I share that Truman crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning (1/26/24). He became very sick, very quickly. In addition to his diabetes, this 13-year-old boy had a number of other issues, and one of those led to his demise. I take comfort in knowing that this special guy made SO MANY PEOPLE so happy over the years–but no one more than me. I will miss him more than can be imagined.

From Catharina Pinnaro (pediatric endocrinologist): With much sadness I have to tell you that Truman died this morning. Very peacefully. And not from diabetes. Unbeknownst to us, he had cancer that was blocking his intestines. It deteriorated quickly over the last two days. But loop remained steadfast and the vets couldn’t believe how well he kept his BG despite puking and hunger strikes. And they couldn’t believe he had no signs of diabetes complications after all this time. They send their compliments to the whole community. I’m so grateful to you and the community at large for helping me as a physician and a dog mom. We will miss him so much but I think he knew he was sort of famous. And he was the kind of dog who craved attention, so he definitely approved.

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