3d man going with red carJust a quick reminder about being aware of your BG before and while you are driving. 

If you have a CGM, check it before you start the car.  If you are on the borderline, consider doing a finger stick to know where you are. 

If you think or even feel as if you are low or may be going low, PULL OVER, stop the car and test!  Do not just “try to get home”. 

I know we’ve all probably done that or known those who have.  Please, for your own safety and those sharing the road with you (including cars and pedestrians), please stop driving until you check.  And if you are low, give the sugar you take some time to raise your BG.  You are not ok the minute you take sugar.

And, if at all possible, keep non-melting sugar/glucose/candy in your car and with you. 

Have a great day and stay safe!

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