I’m honored to introduce you to my dear T1D friend and diabuddy, Cassidy.  She shared stories about her fur baby, Mikey, way back in 2019:  Meet Little Mikey.  The world has changed lots since a year ago. 

Please meet Mr. Bones and DB who allow Cassidy to live with them and their dad, Dave.  Here’s their story …

it’s crazy to say that i met bones and db this year because i feel like we’ve spent a lifetime together – i guess covid will do that to you! what is time these days anyway?!

i met mr. bones && db (full name: death biter 2000) in january, the day after i met their dad, dave. after seven months as their roommate && third-member of the triplet-in-crime i can say with confidence that i am indeed both a cat && a dog person!

bones is a chihuahua-whippet && he was adopted last-chance from the animal shelter. to hear dave tell it he was a scrawny, scared, shy boy. i know him as the neighborhood’s favorite dog who loves bbq ribs as much as i do. bonesy broke his hind leg almost three years ago && went through many surgeries at uc davis in a clinical trial for bone morphogenic protein. approximately two and a half years after the break mr. bones is running circles around db in the park and at the beach.








db is a chihuaha-dachshund && he was abandoned in a long beach park when he was a tiny pup. a friend of dave’s scooped him up, brought him home && posted on facebook that he needed a home. that night he was sleeping at dave’s house. i’m convinced that db and i are the same person. we love mexican food, snugging, long hikes && we may or may not be the hot heads in the house. what can i say, we’re protective over the people we love && our ((low)) treats!


though covid-19 has restricted the travel that would be normal for both dave && i in a major way, we’ve still had some fun camping trips this year in the eastern sierra!










In my eyes i have three dogs now:

a good dog ((mr. bones))

a bad dog ((db))

&& a surf dog ((dave))

Enjoy the new HIT movie:  Where is Mr. Bones?

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