I’ve been so lucky to attend the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit for the past 2 years … and I learn something new every time.



I just wanted to share with you the DiabetesMine Challenges Matrix developed by Amy Tenderich, founder of DiabetesMine.

The DIABETESMINE CHALLENGES MATRIX™ is a new way of mapping the diabetes care landscape with a focus on the needs of people with diabetes (PWDs) and their caregivers. The Matrix aims to create a systematic new method for monitoring the impact of diabetes offerings in the United States in terms of patient needs, along the axes of IMPACT and ACCESS – the two most critical factors in any offering (product or program) that’s meant to help patients best manage their diabetes.
In essence, the Matrix creates a “scorecard” for the patient community to rate all the available diabetes tools and services.
In Amy’s Summary/Call to Action, she includes a design axiom, “Do More of What Works.”
In the interest of making the tools and services offered to patients the best they can be, we urge vendors to:
  1. Take a Systems Approach: Remember that each product / service is part of the larger diabetes equation
  2. Think IMPACT & ACCESS rather than brand loyalty & “Engagement” via Marketing
  3. Keep in mind: It’s all about the real‐life Usability Experience!

Here the link to read the report.  Feel free to share any thoughts or comments.

DiabetesMine Challenges Matrix


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