Seriously, calling all pets who live with us T1s!!!  One of the ways we cope with this disease is by the comfort and fun from our pets.  Wags, purrs, walks, tummy rubs … they are SO helpful to our emotional well-being.  PLEASE share a few pix and a few lines about your pet (dog, cat or whatever) who shares the burden and daily challenges of T1!!!

INTRODUCING Coda!  Let’s hear a big AWWWWWWW for this precious puppy! 

“Coda” is a 5 month old sheepadoodle who lives with Dr. Chris (T1) and his doctor wife.

Coda’s already 35 pounds and likely 70 when fully grown. We welcomed her to our family just one month ago.  “These puppies are a major distraction for any of us T-1 diabetics who might have anxiety about our own health issues.“  The joy and responsibility of pet ownership have the same hooks and thrills as regular parenting.   

By the way, the word, “coda” is defined as the concluding section of a dance or a concluding event … the perfect name for a puppy living with us as retirement looms.

Every picture of Coda makes me want to cuddle up and bury my face in her fluffy fur!!!  I can almost feel my stress levels drop!!!  It will be fun to watch Coda as she grows!

… and some action shots!

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