Lots of purring and orange and white … pure joy and love … enjoy Orion, Marty and Channing!

My name is Gillian, and at the beginning of March 2020, I marked 30 years with type 1 diabetes.  These are my guys: Orion, Marty and Channing (you may notice an orange and white theme!). 

Marty and Channing are brothers.  My husband and I adopted them when they were 6 months old, shortly after losing a beloved older cat. 

Orion is a tripawd (I thought it was a type … but NO!  A Tripawd is three legged dog or cat) who lost his left front leg in a terrible car accident.  He is a model of resilience: he just rolls with everything, and despite his challenges, he doesn’t let anything stop him from living his best life. 

Having pets has been one of the greatest joys in my life.  These guys bring me happiness every single day, and there are not many things in life you can say that about. 













Your Cat Thinks of You Like a Parent, Study Suggests was reported by Jordan Pearson for Vice.com, 23 September 2019. A new study finds that cats form attachment styles to their caregivers similar to human babies and dogs.

After one of our cats does something especially adorable, either my partner or I will wonder aloud, “Do they think of us as their parents?”

The barriers to verbal interspecies communication makes this question impossible for our feline friends to answer, try as they might to demonstrate their affections with head-bumps and slobbery licks. A new study published on Monday in Current Biology contains some promising findings, however. According to researchers from Oregon State University, cats displayed distinct attachment styles toward their caregivers similar to dogs and babies in an experiment.

What this means is that cats, far from being the inscrutable and fundamentally uninterested creatures they’re sometimes portrayed to be, may actually form unique and meaningful relationships with their owners.

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