DiabetesMine D-Data is an extraordinary semi-annual event that showcases significant and unique topics in diabetes technology and management, hosted by founder/T1D Amy Tenderich.  This year’s virtual was, as always, informative, educational, and exciting to see new apps and timely discussions about FDA as well as access to technology for all.  


DEXCOM G7: The first piece that I’m sharing is the presentation by Jake Leach, EVP and Chief Technology Officer at Dexcom.  He is responsible for the leadership of scientific research, engineering, product development, and project management. Jake oversees the development of next-generation products and his teams are responsible for delivering both glucose monitoring technology paired with user experience and support.

Patient Voices: Global Viewpoints!  And now, just sit back and enjoy this wonderful collage of T1D advocates from around the world.  Listen to the passion and wisdom, and soak up the enthusiastic care for our worldwide community!


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