Wow, this is a charming, beautiful and heartfelt story about a little duck named Leo who has an illness that no one can see.  His mission is to fly around and gather kisses (bisous is French for kisses) from any animal to make himself and others with an illness feel better. 

“When a child gets hurt, a typical response might be “kiss it to make it feel better.”  This method works in most cases:; however, for Leo, it’s not so simple.  Whitney Patapoff is the daughter of our dear friends … this is her first (but most definitely there will be more to come) book.  Just LOVE this book!

We can certainly understand this … for those of us with Type 1 diabetes, it too is not so simple. 

Just an exquisite book and story, with breathtaking illustrations and a serious and loving mission.  Thank you, Whitney and Pauline … and sending bisous for Leo. 


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