This is a great little primer, short and packed to the brim with practical advice and first-hand stories of how to successfully manage the transition from dependence (life with Mom and Dad) to independence in life while living with Type 1 diabetes. 

Nicole Johnson was the first Miss American to win the title while wearing her insulin pump for all the world to see.  She went on in her studies for master’s degrees in journalism and public health, as well as a doctorate in public health.  Living with diabetes since 1993, she’s raised over $26 million for diabetes research and programs.  She’s written 6 books, is a Telly award-winning television journalist and she serves the diabetes community in so many ways, from public speaking to writing to serving on boards and councils.  Nicole is executive director of Bringing Science Home at the University of South Florida, within which she founded a national organization called Students With Diabetes.

In her introduction, she writes, “Nothing about being a young adult with diabetes is easy.  Living with T1D can prompt insecurity, isolation, and pessimism. It especially torments teens and young adults.  … I remember that time of life well.  I still feel that T1D stole my college experience.  I didn’t live a typical college life because of the newness of the disease and the fear I harbored. Most stunning though are my memories of both feeling alone and wondering what impact T1D would have on the rest of my life.”

It’s a genuine and beautifully written collection of practical advice and personal stories.  A quick read (124 pages) and a great gift for any young adult T1D or their parents.

Buy This Book NOW!  Young Adult Type 1 Diabetes Realities

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