JLMEvery bit of the process of publishing The Savvy Diabetic has been fascinating.

It started with the concept.  I had been hospitalized, over the past 4 years, for a variety of problems, most not related to diabetes.

But having T1 diabetes and being in the hospital can be a treacherous experience.  Each time I was “in,” I found a new problem and developed a new work-around strategy. It occurred to me that I had learned lessons that could be helpful to others.

And the book was born!

Many people have asked the question, “how long did it take to write your book?”

The fast answer is 48-1/2 years, as long as I’ve had diabetes.  But the real answer is that the idea started rolling around in my head about 2 years ago.  Then I started organizing my thoughts and input about a year ago.  I started writing about 10 months ago and finished the writing part 2 months ago.  Overall, the writing took about 8 months.

Then I was faced with the editing and formatting/layout.  Being a complete novice at self-publishing, this portion of the journey took WAY longer than it should have – probably 2-3 months.

Each day, I expected I would be submitting for publication and the formatting would go haywire.  Finally, with the help of an expert, it took another 2 weeks.

Getting my ISBN number was a highlight, as was submitting the manuscript for copyright.  Then getting my QR code for the book cover was fun!  Doing the graphics was a blast!  I loved the art work and the images. Just seeing them every day made me smile!

The whole experience feels like giving birth!  I don’t actually know, as I’ve never given birth but I’m supposing.  I walk around and hold the book and smile.

Can’t hardly wait to start the next book!

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