This is just fun! What are some “languages of love” for all parts of our lives with Type 1 Diabetes? What do you call your devices, your challenges, your life with diabetes?



From Audrey Farley of, 23 January 2018 … enjoy!

Do you have a nickname for your diabetes gear? If so, what is it and why do you call it that?

  • “I call my CGM The Diabetes God. My sister started joking ‘the diabetes gods demand a blood sacrifice’ when she or I would have to do a finger stick to calibrate our CGMs.”
  • “Call my pump Baby. Always need to feed it, monitor it, take care of it…”
  •  …..

Have you coined any other diabetes terms or phrases?

  • “Dolphin-ing for when my Dexcom sensor is off and the trend graph is bouncing up and down every 10-15 minutes because its like a dolphin jumping in and out of water.”
  • “My monster to describe the condition.”
  •  …

Do you use any diabetes portmanteaus (word combinations)?

  • Diabetes
  •  …

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