Our DiabetesMine Innovation events connect leaders in healthcare, industry, and patient advocacy — with the shared goal of fostering innovation that improves life with diabetes.

It’s always a top priority to hear directly from PWDs (people with diabetes) and active caregivers who are passionate about giving a voice to daily diabetes challenges and unmet needs.


This Fall, we plan to invite 10 individuals on scholarship to help express the community’s needs and desires to decision-makers in pharma, medtech design, software and app development, medical device regulation, national advocacy groups, and more.

The Fall 2023 DiabetesMine Innovation Days will take place Nov. 9-10 in San Diego, CA.

All scholarship winners will receive free event registration + travel cost reimbursement (based on submitted receipts):

  • Up to $800 for applicants based in California
  • Up to $1200 for applicants based elsewhere in the United States and Canada
  • Up to $2800 for applicants from outside the U.S. or Canada
To APPLY FOR FALL 2023 DiabetesMine Patient Voices Scholarship: CLICK HERE
Deadline to apply: 22 September 2023
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