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21th Annual Shooting Stars JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes Sunday, October 23, 2016 in Newport Beach, CA at The Waffle House

For a contribution of $50 (or MORE!), walkers will receive a VERY COOL Shooting Stars Team T-Shirt while supplies last. Contact Joanne if you are interested in attending the event. To donate on-line, please go to:

DiabetesMine: Stuck Waiting for Medicare CGM Access

Mike Hoskins of DiabetesMine just posted: Stuck Waiting for Medicare CGM Access, about the saga of Medicare coverage (or not) of CGM, ever since their ruling to cover CGM was announced on 12 January 2017.  It’s been a rocky roller coaster for all Medicare-covered T1s trying to order their Dexcom G5 supplies.  And the end is not in sight. 

He cited my posts on this topic:
Another PWD caught up in this is our D-blogging friend Joanne Milo in California who writes at The Savvy Diabetic and has shed some light on a new ruling on this Medicare CGM coverage issue recently.
“The new article indicates that if Medicare beneficiaries use their Dexcom G5 with a smart phone, even if such use is in addition to using the receiver that comes with the Dexcom G5 system, all the CGM supplies will be non-covered,” she writes. “…This novel restriction appears to be designed to ensure that the only CGM that is covered by Medicare will not be covered for those individuals who use it to its full functionality to monitor their glucose levels.”
Read more: Stuck Waiting for Medicare CGM Access

Savvy on the, 23 May 2017

I was asked to join 33 other bloggers in the diabetes community to contribute our thoughts about the  D community and what/how we support those with diabetes.  All of us bloggers have a main goal: to raise awareness and to educate about the journey we are all on, living with diabetes.  A bit about Is Not About Us…
It’s About You!
This site has been constructed with the purpose of providing up-to-date, emerging and reliable information for those living with diabetes.
Writing is not everyone’s strongest feat. Those who can convey a story, a lesson learnt, or a memoir through their writing are not only storytellers but also educators.  Bloggers and advocates who write about diabetes are just that. Through their stories and experiences, they share with us a vulnerable part of them in order to get a message across just in case it can help someone else who may be in their shoes. Its their way of saying “you are not alone in your journey!”
This time we were asked:

What is the hardest diabetes blog subject that you had to write?
What are some of the best techniques that you use in order to create a story to draw the reader in, and also help keep their attention while they learn about diabetes?
What are some of the most interesting comments or questions that you have had in relation to your articles about diabetes

To read all the answers, go to: 34 Diabetes Bloggers Give Us A Glimpse of Behind The Scenes

Here’s what I shared below.
Joanne Laufer Milo
A1: The hardest subject, actually before blogging, was about the death of my very close, T1 friend, at the age of 33. I attached the obituary notice I placed […]