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Amazing Response to My Blog on Getting Organized

Thank you, Barb, for sharing your story.  It so touched me at so many levels.  Your journey amidst your old diabetes log books did not “spark joy” for me either.  Indeed, it sparked a sense of sadness for all your very hard work, for the memory of logging everything I ate, all the shots of insulin I took, all the insulin reactions and high blood sugar episodes … and it just made me joyful (that you took such good care of yourself so that I would be able to know you many years later) and fatigued (just remembering my journey and all those frustrations).

Please read Barb’s journey … and let us know what you think.

But the most interesting discovery of the day was when I came to box of old Diabetes notebooks where, before my CGM and pump days, I wrote down every meal and blood sugar from 2002 to 2012. Ten years of my life in numbers! I had been hanging on to these as a record. But when it came time to discard them, I burst into tears. It was like thinking about throwing away my life! And yes, I could see certain bits of my history in this paper trail – dates and meals eaten on certain vacations, and certain meals at special restaurants (who could forget eating at The French Laundry!). But mostly, it was a reminder of a lot of really hard work – the overhead of being a “D” person.

My friend asked me, “Do these “spark joy” for you? And that’s when I started to cry. They did not. They were mostly a reminder of my failures, not my triumphs. After recovering my senses, I decided to keep […]

REVIEW: Are you savvy, from Harrison Hughes of the Diabetes Skill Set

Diabetic Book Review – The Savvy Diabetic – are you as savvy?

So lets start with the inevitable disclosures. I received the book free from the author and was asked to review it. I do not know the author Joanne Milo personally, but she did use some of the material on my website in the book. I did inform her that my review would be honest, so lets hope when you read this, it comes across this way.

So shine the spotlight, draw the curtains as we discuss the book

The Savvy Diabetic, a survival guide.

This book deserves serious consideration if not for one fact. It is written by one of us. Any time someone from our “club”, shall we call it, takes the time and effort to share their knowledge gleaned from years of living with type 1, I feel it’s worth supporting them. Further more, getting published is by no means an easy task and for that feat alone, Joanne’s book deserves serious consideration to be added to anyones book list.

Like any book, there are the inevitable highs and lows (excuse the pun I couldn’t resist).

HIGHS (in this context consider it good):

The book is frank and written in easy to understand language. You feel whilst reading it, that Joanne is talking to your personally and sharing her wealth of knowledge. Depending on where you are in your journey, this can seem a little wordy at times, but I think to be fair, it is her writing style, so keeping this in mind while reading it, will make it more enjoyable.

Having lived with diabetes myself, for over 38 years, it isn’t often that someone […]

Another great review!

I enjoyed reading your book and appreciate even more about your journey.  It is very well written and admire your strength, generosity, and wonderful positive attitude.

Thanks so much, Steph!

Christy says: “tell-it-like-it-is” … outstanding!

Joanne Milo’s sharing of her nearly 50 years of personal experiences living with
Type 1 diabetes and the “tell-it-like-it-is” approach to her writing presents a
thorough understanding of the challenges of living with this disease.

The Savvy Diabetic: A Survival Guide provides insights not only for the individual with
diabetes but also addresses the impact it has on family and friends. Through her
tips and techniques, the collection of diabetes related web sites, and the
personal stories of those who are surviving this journey, Joanne Milo has
created one of the most valuable resources for those affected by diabetes. The
Savvy Diabetic: A Survival Guide is outstanding.

hugs and appreciation … j

Cat LOVES The Savvy Diabetic!

The Savvy Diabetic is a fantastic read. It functions as both a top-notch resource for diabetics and their loved ones and as a engaging, humorous, open account of Joanne’s own journey as a diabetic.

The book is organized brilliantly and each section’s focus provides priceless information about managing diabetes while living life to the fullest. Wonderful book…I highly recommend!

Thanks, Cat!!!

Ray’s Review: The REAL world of being a diabetic

Joanne Milo writes from her experience of living with diabetes for more than 50 years. The ups and downs, trials and tribulations and the misperceptions. Funny, impactful and, above all, “savvy”, she tells it like it is.

It’s easy to read and it will give you an insight into how to deal with diabetes and how to support a friend, spouse, or child with the disease.

You’re the best, Ray … thanks!

A Great Review from Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, D.Div.

Written from personal experience with tenderness, humor and insight, the author has compiled everything you need to know about diabetes. From beginning to end, it is pack with relevant informative with tons of practical suggestions and helpful action steps to cope with diabetes and maintain a quality life. From working with your Doctor to dealing with Hospitals to traveling near or far, this book is for anyone needing a “how to handbook” for diabetes.

It also has suggestions for partners, families and friends in relationship with a diabetic.

The information in this book provides encouragement, practical skills and inspiration to experience life with freedom of choice beyond diabetes.

Thanks and hugs, Dr. Tim!

Dr. Jeff Jones gave my book FIVE STARS!

Joanne Milo gives excellent well-organized advice which is both practical and emotionally grounded.  Her suggestions on managing your own medical care, tracking records and information, communicating with friends and family and your health care team excellent.

The Savvy Diabetic’s format and large type style also make her book very easy to read and navigate.  I especially found her appendices and resources very useful.

I am a psychiatrist; diabetes often makes treating mood disorders more difficult for.  When diabetes is under good control then other problems tend to get better or go away as well including mood and other psychiatric or psychological issues.

I will be suggesting many of my patients obtain and follow Joanne Milo’s sage advice and general approach to good management of a very important and increasingly common medical problem.  Yet her book is filled so much that all of us would do well to incorporate into our own health management strategies.

Interesting comments from Sharon about The Savvy Diabetic

Seriously, reading your book feels draining.

I’m referring to Control & Juggling. It explains a lot about my personality. I have learned so much about your bio. Joanne, I wish John and the people close to me would read this.  I’m enlightened.:)

Seeing the truth in print is powerful. You are an amazing writer. I love all of the quotes.

Thanks so much Sharon … love you!

Sandra loved The Savvy Diabetic!

I read your book over a few nights, staying up late one night to finish, and loved it!!

I find it so comforting to read about your experiences and those of other diabetics, as well as the strategies and tools we can use to get the most from medical care. {Diabetic} Chicken Soup for the Soul—It helps me cope much better.

Thank you, thank you!

I’m so glad, Sandra … many hugs!