the savvy diabetic a survival guide book

The Savvy Diabetic: A Survival Guide is a collection of tips, tools, and techniques, borne out of experiences and mistakes and lots of “on-the-job” learning. After 43 years as a Type 1 diabetic, I had successfully and deliberately avoided hospitals. I was suddenly confronted with my worst fears: an emergency appendectomy 3000 miles away from my home. I was terrified of losing the control of my diabetes which I had worked so hard to maintain. And I was woefully unprepared. Wow, did I learn!

Five years later and several more hospitalizations and doctors’ appointments, as well as many experiences with travel and just life, I just want to share what I have learned. I hope my insights and experiences will help you to:

  • Live well and in balance with diabetes
  • Survive the medical system as a person with diabetes
  • Feel validated in your feelings about this disease
  • Have more tools to help support someone you love who has diabetes
  • Smile and even laugh about your own experiences
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