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21th Annual Shooting Stars JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes Sunday, October 23, 2016 in Newport Beach, CA at The Waffle House

For a contribution of $50 (or MORE!), walkers will receive a VERY COOL Shooting Stars Team T-Shirt while supplies last. Contact Joanne if you are interested in attending the event. To donate on-line, please go to:

Savvy Technology: All about Insulet/Omnipod

Omnipod is in the news this week!
Insulet Corporation S hareholder Broadcast reported that Insulet presented strong Omnipod Horizon Hybrid Closed-Loop study results on 16 February 2017 at the 10th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) in Paris, France.  The study demonstrated that the Omnipod automated glucose control algorithm performed well, was safe during the day and night for adults with type 1 diabetes, and was very effective at night with minimal hypoglycemia and excellent fasting glucose. 

Study participants included 24 adults with type 1 diabetes. The 36-hour study1 included a modified version of Insulet’s Omnipod, a Dexcom® continuous glucose sensor, and Insulet’s personalized model predictive control algorithm. Results showed use of the Company’s hybrid closed-loop system was associated with significantly less time spent in hypoglycemic blood glucose range compared to ranges prior to the study. Key findings included patients achieving and remaining in the target blood glucose control range 69% of the time over the course of the study and maintaining target blood glucose control 90% of the time during the overnight period.

“These very positive results, particularly in the overnight period, demonstrate the potential for the Omnipod Horizon System to improve clinical outcomes in patients with type 1 diabetes,” said Dr. Bruce Buckingham, Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology at the Lucille Salter Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford University, and Principal Investigator of the study. “This is a safe system providing significant reductions in hypoglycemia both during the day and night, and the system made significant improvements in overnight glucose control, decreasing glucose variability and bringing fasting glucose values into range. These are very positive early findings and I think I speak for the entire team when I say I am excited to see […]

Savvy Gear: Great Apple Watch Bands, Great Discount for Savvy D’s!

WithIt is a great source of neat-looking watchbands for the Apple watch (as well as Fitbits and Pebbles). And they are offering a 15% discount for TheSavvyDiabetic blog readers and the folks in the Nightscout, CGM in the Cloud, Looped and #WeAreNotWaiting communities.



Go to:, shop for accessories … and type WITHITGEAR in the Discount Box on checkout to get your 15% discount.  It’s that easy!


A little about WithIt: 

At WITHit, we make products that make your electronic devices better.
We began over a decade ago with the goal of making a better book light…and we did. Ten years later, we have one of the best selling book lights of all time. And we also build better phone cases, tablet covers, Bluetooth® speakers, activity tracker bands and magnifiers. We hold 22 U.S. patents (with several more pending) and have designed and manufactured products for global brands including French Bull, Sisters Gulassa, Johanna Basford, Sony, Nook, Kobo and Vera Bradley. Currently, our products are sold in over 6,000 retail stores.


Savvy Updates, 2.17.2017: New/Future APs, AlterG’s Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The big buzz in the coming years is the Artificial Pancreas, Closed Loop Insulin Delivery System, Dual Hormone Bionic Pump … lots of names, lots of promises.  Here’s just a look at some new entries under development, with NO promises for when and/or if they will ever make it to market:

Pancreum CGMS/Insulin/Glucagon Artificial Pancreas, based in San Francisco, has been under development and under wraps for over 5 years, with no new news.  

It looks like a mini Simon memory game, is tubeless and is expected to deliver insulin (called the InsuLean) and glucagon (called the dual-hormone) and CGM device (called Mine) … when combined, it is called Genesis. Check out their website: Pancreum



Medtrum All-In-One Artificial Pancreas, based in Watford, UK, is developing the A6 TouchCare System, as a tubeless AP system which integrates an insulin pump, CGM and a Predictive Low Glucose Suspend mechanism.

Not much details out there … but to read more from The Medtrum All-In-One Artificial Pancreas





AlterG’s Anti-Gravity Treadmill, developed by NASA, might Help PWDs, as reported in, 25 January 2017.  Featuring technology originally developed by NASA to help astronauts become accustomed to the feeling of being in outer space, the AlterG treadmill encloses the lower half of the user’s body in an inflatable chamber and uses pressure to help them become semi-weightless. The AlterG can “unweight” users by up to 80% of their bodyweight (roughly the same level of weightlessness one would experience on the moon!), making walking, jogging, and even running feel easier. Anyone who would like to exercise more but is prevented by pain or extra weight could benefit.

I used the AlterG while in physical therapy after being in a CRO boot for 3 years, to […]

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Savvy LOOPing: Wes AGAIN on Closed Loop Proof of Concept

Wes is one of the greats of Nightscout and #WeAreNotWaiting … and he’s an amazing and fully committed guy.  Here’s his take on Closed Loop Proof of Concept:

Successful PROOF of Concept! …BUT our family will be taking this transition much much slower than first anticipated. SO between the gauge of #WeAreNotWaiting and #WeAreWaiting, we are at #MovingForwardAndDoingMuchMoreResearch ; )
This is hands down the most POWERFUL diabetes tool at our disposal.
I compare it to a jet airplane. You can learn just enough to know how to take off, but flying (Looping) is about SO much more than taking off. You NEED to learn the system before you take off, you NEED the training to ensure you can successfully maneuver & navigate, and you NEED to know how to safely land.

Because after all, it’s not about getting to your destination, its about arriving safely, intact, alive, (so you can keep flying (Looping) for the rest of your life)…or until they find a cure (heard its only 5 years away ; )

PS-To *any* of the families that may have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), rest assured that FOMO should **not** be your reason for setting this up prior to spending the requisite amount of time to learn how to fly (Loop). How long is the requisite amount of time? I have no idea, our family just enrolled to “learn how to fly (Loop).”


Savvy LOOPing: Behind the LOOP, thanks to Wes Nordgren

HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED BEHIND A LOOP? Nightscout superstar/superdad/super guy gives you a glimpse! Thank you, Nightscout, Loopers and CGM in the Cloud!

When I looked behind our Loop, I found the following individuals creating, implementing, and supporting our Loop. That is when I realized that their actions would be imprinted upon the hearts in our family for being the catalysts of change in a dreary world fraught with our never ending battle with T1D.

Ben West for seeing what I could not see, for showing me that which I missed and for his perspective and his ability to sacrifice for the good of the many.

Dana M. Lewis & Scott Leibrand for their tireless efforts in bringing the closed loop technology to the masses through, Gitter, conferences, and their ever-present work on harnessing the genie that has come out of the bottle.

Nate Racklyeft & Chris Hannemann for their quiet, thorough & amazing work in the Open Source community and with OpenAPS & Loop.

Chris Hannemann, Mark Wilson & Nate Racklyeft for their amazing ability to communicate the necessity, reality & simplicity of Open Source closed loop systems as solutions.

Jason Calabrese for being a dear family friend & trailblazer for our family through the myriads of options in the OpenAPS community, (he’s the Indiana Jones of closed looping).

Edward Raskin for shattering my paradigm in Anaheim & offering perpetual support (my world would *never* be the same).

Jason Adams for his **eternal** optimism regarding closing the Loop and everything we can do with it for our community & families.

Kate Farnsworth for hitting the ground running and having plans in place with Pina Barbieri before the conference in Anaheim even ended. For creating a Loop group and community that provides […]

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Savvy Updates 2.12.2017: Lilly, Novo Nordisk,

Lots going on in the diabetes world … here’s just a little catch up time!

Lilly insulin up to 51% off, through Blink Health, according to, 30 January 2017 … that’s a start! 

“On January 1, Lilly launched a first-of-its-kind program, in partnership with Express Scripts, that offers significant discounts on brand name Lilly insulin to people in the USA with diabetes and high out-of-pocket costs. The program, which shows discounts of up to 51% for some Lilly insulins on Blink Health, will be most impactful for those with high deductible health plans or no insurance.”
Read more: Up to 51% Off Lilly Insulin Through Blink Health

Big News from City of Hope, as reported in The diaTribe Foundation and City of Hope, 16 January 2017! 

The City of Hope, a prominent medical research and care center in southern California, received a gift of $50 million  to establish the Wanek Family Project to Cure Type 1 Diabetes. The gift was a contribution from the Wanek family, of the Ashley home furniture brand, along with a number of anonymous partner donors. City of Hope has declared an ambitious goal – a cure for type 1 diabetes within 6 years.
Read more:
The Wanek Family Project for Type 1 Diabetes
diaTribe Foundation diaLogue

Novo Nordisk and Glooko to Develop Digital Diabetes Tools, also reported in, 30 January, 2017.

Insulin maker Novo Nordisk has teamed up with diabetes software expert Glooko to develop new digital tools for people with diabetes. The collaboration, a result of over three years of discussions, will launch its first product in 2017.
A major goal of the partnership is to develop insulin dosing advisor software to help people with diabetes and healthcare professionals use insulin more effectively and safely – for example, giving […]

Savvy LOOPing: #Loop vs. #OpenAPS

No, I have not gone to the dark side … and this article is wildly techie.  But since we’re talking closed loop systems (yes, the hot topic in 2017, a great conversation starter!), this article is written by one of the really knowledgeable hackers/techies, looking at both systems. 

Thanks to Tim Street, a group member on FB Looped for the definitive piece on do-it-yourself loop systems, published 12/19/2016 on 

Having run and used Loop and OpenAPS side by side for the past three or so months, I felt it was time to compare what it feels like to live with them, and some of the things that you need to do, regardless of which option you elect to go with. I come out on the side of preferring OpenAPS, but using Loop when needing portability. You may have a different point of view.

It’s the numbers, silly…
The first thing that anyone dabbling in looping needs to consider is that you need to know your numbers. That means plenty of testing. And when I say testing, that’s basal testing, Insulin duration testing, I:C ratio testing and ISF testing. That means doing I:C and ISF at different times of day to confirm that you don’t get changes and therefore need to have them added differently.
Why’s this important? Well both Loop and OpenAPS work out your insulin adjustments using this data, and if it’s wrong, then both struggle to keep you in target and deliver a good result.
#Loop and #OpenAPS – living with both, the similarities and differences – let’s get down and dirty…

And if you want to “chat” with Tim, you can join the Looped group on Facebook.

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Savvy Guest Loopers: Judi Hoskins Story on DiabetesMine

I’ve know Judi for many many years, from the diabetes online community.  She’s been living with T1 for 59 years!!! AND she’s the mom of the illustrious journalist and T1, Mike Hoskins of DiabetesMine. 

So Judi, at the tender age of 63 starting looping.  Courageous, huh?!  Gutsy?!  That’ Judi!!!

She wrote a post published in DiabetesMine last month … excellent piece! 

Homegrown Closed Loop Technology: Mom Connects to RileyLink

And this is Riley Dog, Mike’s pup, with RileyLink!

Savvy LOOPing: What Does It Look Like?

I’m onto my 10th day of running the RileyLink closed loop system.  And I’m learning by leaps and bounds, and still adjusting settings.  The resources available to me are astounding and so very kind and responsive. 

So … here are some snaps of my Loop App as well as my Nightscout App, running under Heroku, on Github … AND I have a Mo ngoLab account. I’ve had to learn how to navigate around a MacBook Pro.  Yes, I am also becoming multi-lingual!!! 

Savvy LOOPing: What is LOOPing?

LOOPing is the latest and coolest new buzzword in the diabetes community.  It is often synonymous with artificial pancreas but I resist the urge to confuse the two.

Looping, either in the do-it-yourself d-community or waiting for the traditional corporate new products, involves a computer algorithm designed to gather data from your CGM, your insulin pump, your pump settings and your basal input regarding the carbs you eat … and then make suggestions on your basal rates throughout the entire day.  Typically, when the LOOP is closed (meaning that the algorithm is controlling your pump for your basal rates), it is making 288 decisions per 24-hour period, trying to keep your blood sugars in a range you input.  When the LOOP is open, you can watch the suggested changes but the program remains completely under your control.  When you feel confident in all parts of the system, you can toggle to switch to CLOSED … and then, voila, you are LOOPing! 


Is LOOPing for everyone?  No, of course not!  One very good reason to LOOP is to maintain your BG levels in a tighter range, without you having to constantly be aware of it.  It is particularly useful throughout the night, when BG’s often vary.  You can rest assured that your pump is on-duty, making adjustments for you.

More to come about LOOPING, my decision to LOOP, and my experiences in the Do-It-Yourself LOOPing journey with RileyLink!



To read more: #WeAreNotWaiting to make the world a better place